Bowei strives to make "long life, low fault, easy to disassemble, high efficiency" mold.

die casting die workshop appliance


die casting die design

With the purpose of "design is the key to diecasting", after 20 years of development, through continuous learning, reference, digestion, absorption of the advanced die casting die design theory at home and abroad, we have accumulated a senior research and development team with comprehensive development and design ability by the combination of the old, the middle and the young.

Bowei has been willing to take advice, send engineers to study abroad, strengthen the connection with famous die casting enterprises in Germany and Japan, through continuous practice and exploration, improve the design theory and design thinking, in the die casting mold research and development field has formed innovative independent intellectual property competitiveness. Over the years, we have accumulated rich experience in mold design and manufacturing for customers in different fields, especially in the automotive, new energy, communications, security and other industries with significant advantages.

Bowei promote R&D funds from the budget every year, upgrade staff skills, update hardware and software equipment, improve mold precision, shorten the development cycle, improve mold service life. Through the efficient cooperation of various departments to speed up the mold delivery, for customers in time, technology, cycle cost to win the competitive advantage and continue to grow.


Computer Aided Design(CAD)AUTOCAD、UG、PRO/E Computer Aided Engineering(CAE)MAGMA Computer Aided Manufacturing(CAM)POWERMILL


Optimization process of hole view solidification prediction for defects in castings

【Scientific calculation, repeated test and simulation of springback and surface defects, instead of repeated test, to improve the life of the mold, reduce the development cost.】

mold flow analysis

Precise CAE analysis, simulation of the influence of different process parameters on casting quality, strengthen the structural design, optimize the design parameters, improve the reliability of die casting and reduce product cost.

Fatigue Durability  Fatigue Durability
Simulation and analysis of die casting structure life, local fatigue crack and failure cause. According to the analysis results, the local strengthening scheme is designed.
Optimization analysis  Optimization analysis
Looking for potential weak links in mechanical properties of product structure, Targeted structure and parameter optimization lightweight design.
Prototype Virtual Test  Prototype Virtual Test
The virtual test platform is built to seek the optimal transmission structure for the existing weak links of the new product structure and shorten the development time of the prototype.



Aluminum  die casting mold design review


Die casting die processing programming

processing programming

Die casting die frame processing

frame processing

Die casting die core processing

Die core finishing


Graphite carving


Electrical pulse machining


Precision line cutting


CMM test


Mold Assembly


Compound die


Diecasting test


Samples summarized


Make every effort to provide customers with the most satisfactory products and services.

In order to better ensure the normal operation of the equipment, timely answer the questions raised by users, help users to solve the problem, ensure that after receiving the fault call from users, jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai and anhui rushed to the site within 24 hours, other regions rushed to the site within 48 hours, and in the shortest time to solve the problem.

Our engineers are responsible for the installation, debugging and testing of molds on site. After the successful debugging of the mold, we will provide the user with a written report on the use of the mold and a maintenance instruction, and the supplier's technical personnel can only leave the site after obtaining the user's consent

We promise to replace the easily damaged parts within the life of the contract.The cost of parts, components and business trip (except for natural disasters and man-made damage) shall be borne by the supplier.

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